Founded by the Topaloğlu family, the Toya Group operates in the tourism, mining and real estate industries and develops residential, mixed-use, hospitality, commercial, retail projects
With its strong, professional team, sound financial structure and effective management, Toya’s objective is to develop projects that address a broad market segment, building superior living spaces that provide a quality lifestyle and are a profitable investment.

Toya Real Estate develops residential, mixed-use, hospitality, commercial, retail projects differentiating itself in the competitive real estate industry with its aesthetically designed, environmentally friendly, secure, comfortable, modern, high technology, exclusive projects. With a staff of highly qualified, experienced professionals, Toya Real Estate works with the objective of building on its past experience in land acquisition, concept design, construction coordination, sales and property management to generate greater future successes.

With its customer centric approach and the design-driven projects built to deliver superior lifestyle comfort it develops in key locations throughout Turkey, Toya Real Estate aims to become one of Turkey’s leaders in its industry.