Chairman’s Message

Başkanın mesajı

We are working with all our might to carry Toya Yapı which was founded 44 years ago, to become a leading brand in the real estate sector. In order to achieve this goal all of our team members work ambitiously, keeping our first days’ great enthusiasm.

We have made our mark in the housing sector with our investigative and innovative spirit along with our experience in the sector and qualified personnel, in a short time frame.

We continue to hold to our tradition of sustaining the projects we had built in the past with our land developer and contractor identities. Like in the past our respect to human-oriented service approach gains appreciation of our customers today.

We continue to make long term plans on the road towards our vision of creating a difference in the field of real estate whilst upholding our values. We will continue to build high quality living spaces with the power we get from our partners and customers.

I would like to thank our entire team, partners, valued customers and social stakeholders whom we have worked together with a sense of mutual trust and cooperation since our establishment. Furthermore I would like to add with all my heart that I believe we are going to take Toya to its deserved place in the real estate sector.