A good habitat;
We offer a lucrative investment...
We carry our expertise with the future…
Strong team, good management;
Ecofriendly projects;
We recognize the responsibility...
We intend privileged life projects...
Aesthetic and modern;
Toya Vista began life!

Metrobus line and E-5 highway, right next to the fitness center, swimming pool, a pupil Avcılar'a the cafe and [...]

Porsche Design signature in your home!

Istanbul's most innovative projects Qent Istinye; fantastic location in the Bosphorus back and Porsche Design Studio signature pushing the [...]

Dice Kayek designs for Istanbul partnership with Toya!

Assign a first in Turkey Toya, Toya new project Dice Kayek creative fashion entrusted by changing the architectural fashion [...]

Toya Moda, Leed Certification Candidate

Project sustainability policy is planned to be 70% of green areas leave a livable world for future generations. gold [...]

Toya, in the App Store!

The moment you want anymore Toya will reach wherever you want. You can download Toya's iPhone and iPad applications from [...]

Toya two awards from the European Property Awards,

Toya, innovative and evaluated prominent projects in the area considered one of the world's most prestigious real estate award [...]

“Time to succumb projects for technology function, we get our strength from the design of the form converting innovation.”

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